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Oilfield Thermal Recovery Systems and Services

Welcome to Petrotherm! Petrotherm's prime emphasis is in a niche serving those organizations producing either low gravity (viscous), asphaltic, or paraffin crude. Our heaters and systems have been installed on off-shore platforms, on drill ships, in a multitude of surface applications, and down-hole in wells for over 50 years.

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Paraffin Crude Oil Wells: Are Your Rods Floating?
Increase your well production up to 5X or more. The Petrotherm Electric Bottom Hole Heating System (EBHHS) is a secondary recovery system that does not contaminate wells. This solution is simple, efficient, localized electric heat that is channeled to the well producing zone and offers minimal initial cost and small operating cost.
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Petrotherm Heater Log (HL) Solutions

Petrotherm offers flange-mounted, replaceable element (proprietary), resistance heaters for use as pre-heaters on steam generators and in numerous flow-through applications. To learn more about this solution click here.

Petrotherm Tank Heater Log (THL) Solutions

Similar to the Petrotherm Heater Log (HL) solutions, this version can be cantilevered in a tank by bolting the flange-mounting to the flange and stub welded to the tank and are perfect for tanks that heat oil, water, chemicals, waste water, fire retardant solutions, and many more. To learn more about this solution click here.


Petrotherm Oilfield Thermal Recovery
Advantages of the Petrotherm Electric Bottom Hole Heating Systems...
Economical: Lowest cost of any thermal recovery method.
Non-contaminating: No foreign or corrosive materials are used.
Safe: No damage to well bore or production formation. Temperatures are maintained well below coking point.
Efficient: Essentially all of the heat generated is delivered to the producing zone.
Simple: No special well completions required. No need for complex support equipment.
Continuous Operation: No downtime. The well is pumped at all times during heater operation, unlike cyclic stimulation methods.
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